030 / Pandemic Artwork Stories


030 / pandemic artwork stories


Where are you painting from and what have you been doing to keep busy?

I am painting in Scottsdale, Arizona. I rent studio space about three miles from my home in addition to my home studio. I also work as the Head Artist in Residence at the Gallery at el Pedregal. It is located at the Boulders’s Resort and Spa in Scottsdale. I have a set of painting materials in a traveling suitcase ready to go to the gallery. I find it helps me not to leave behind critical painting supplies when I’m switching between working at the gallery and my studios. This is a trick I picked up while being an art teacher for 18 years prior to taking the leap to full time artist in 2012. I always have about 20 paintings in progress in my studio. It prevents me from wasting precious studio time on trying to decide what to paint. Inspiration time ones on my morning hikes and watching the evening sunsets.  

How did you find inspiration from your surroundings for it?

Finding inspiration is easy in Scottsdale. I see some sort of wildlife every day around my studio and hikes.  There are lots of rabbits, jackrabbits, coyotes, deer, bobcats, javelinas, roadrunners, quail, rattlesnakes (not my favorite) and even Gila monsters! There is a Gila monster that lives next to my home studio. His colors are gorgeous! I have also had the honor of seeing a mountain lion pass in front of my car on a street close to my studio! That is what led me to playing with ideas for my painting “Cougar Bar, Last Call”. There are some wonderful bars around my studio and the gallery where I’m the head artist in residence. Lots of fun locals are regulars at these establishments. It all just came together. The photo reference for this painting is from a relative who tracks and tags mountain lions.  I don’t want to be that close to one without a good barrier between us!

What is one positive that has come from this experience for you?

I found you! What a phenomenal project! The connections that are forming from The Great American Paint In are giving me goosebumps.  

I have learned how to reach out via online. It has opened up communications and building a world wide community. I enjoy working as an artist in residence at the Boulder Resort. I have the opportunity to chat with visitors traveling from various locations. It is a smaller audience compared to connecting with artists, collectors and the arts community. 

What is one of your favorite pieces in the collection from a fellow artist?

I have two. Karen Budan’s “Merry Martini” and Lucy Dickens' “Rise Up”. 

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