Gallery CERO is owned by Bill and Mary Weinaug. They have always had a deep appreciation and passion for the arts and sustainable living. More than a decade ago, they bought a forgotten old marina on an incredible river in Central Florida with the goal of weaving these two passions together. Wekiva Island was born.

The mission for the property was to create a fun place for people to learn about and connect with nature, while serving as a beacon of sustainability. Gallery CERO was always part of the long-term plan for Wekiva Island. From the beginning, The Island has provided monthly art classes for the public, as well as an annual invitational plein air event, the Wekiva Paint Out.  Back in 2020, the Weinaug's started The Great American Paint In, a project to document the pandemic through art, and show the perspectives of the artist themselves. 

Gallery CERO’s name comes from Wekiva Island’s mission of sustainability. Wekiva Island took on the 2030 challenge, vowing to go carbon neutral before any other business in Central Florida. To do so, the Weinaug’s utilized their trademarked toolbox C.E.R.O.® which stands for Conservation, Efficiency, Renewables, and Offsets. Gallery CERO aims not just to exclusively represent local artists, but to serve as a space to showcase beautiful natural works from artists around the world for the community to enjoy, just as the Wekiva River showcases the natural beauty of our special Florida hydrology.