Gallery CERO is a unique art gallery space located north of Orlando, Florida, overlooking the Wekiva River. Owned by Bill and Mary Weinaug, this space serves to represent local artists as well as showcase natural works from around the world. We host art demonstrations, special events, exhibitions, projects, educational programs and more. Gallery CERO is part of Wekiva Island, a riverside oasis dedicated to sustainability, education and art. 


The gallery takes its name from Wekiva Island’s vow to go carbon neutral by 2030 by focusing on Conservation, Efficiency, Renewables and Offset. We aim to show patrons unique and beautiful works just as Wekiva Island showcases the unique and natural beauty of the Wekiva River. 




Nature's Generosity


Traveling all over the country, Nature's Generosity  showcases the beauty and diversity of nature, plants and animal life through environmental fine art photography. The Wilderness Photography Foundation's goal is cultivating new talent, visions, and perspectives toward reducing the continual destruction of natural habitat.