018 / Pandemic Artwork Stories


018 / pandemic artwork stories


Where are you painting from and what have you been doing to keep busy?

I split my time between California and Boston so I paint on both coasts. I have been incredibly busy painting during COVID and while I've spent a lot of time painting what I love...seascapes, landscapes...I've also been exploring new subject matter like still lifes and adding people to my paintings. I'm getting ready to embark on an RV adventure and visit National Parks in five states as I make my way from Boston to California for the winter. I have packed more art supplies than I have clothing so I will be doing a lot of plein air painting. 

How did you find inspiration from your surroundings for it?

For every subject I paint, I am moved by light, shadow and form. I'm inspired by simple objects like a lime or lemon, to complex compositions formed by nature. I also tend to paint a lot from memory even though I have thousands of photo references.    

What is one positive that has come from this experience for you?

Although I paint every day, there have been fewer interruptions during COVID so I find that I am painting all day long. I've also taken the time to explore some new techniques and I recently took a socially-distanced workshop which was wonderful. I attended an outdoors event my local pastel society held and it was great to reconnect with old friends and make new ones as well.   

What is one of your favorite pieces in the collection from a fellow artist?

I am enamored by almost every piece in this collection! I love to look at the work of other artists to see how they capture a scene that I might be drawn to and I'm always amazed how two artists can paint the same scene so differently. I really could not select one piece as my favorite...there are too many that are my favorites!  

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