004 / Pandemic Artwork Stories




What's Happening by Susan Blackwood

Where are you painting from and what have you been doing to keep busy?

I have been painting in Arkansas, but very little during this pandemic. Instead, I found my mind so preoccupied with the pandemic, that it did not want me to disappear into the magical strokes of creating a painting. I found this was the case for all of the artist friends that I know. Most artists did not paint during this time.

Instead of painting, I wrote a blog for Oil Painters of America. Most of all my husband, artist Howard Friedland, and I have been actively teaching ourselves how to virtually teach online. Last year we moved from Montana to Arkansas and so we still had a lot of projects to finish in the studio and in the office. We used this time to get caught up and projects finished. We also used this time to think “outside of the box”.

What is one positive that has come from this experience for you?

As artists we are used to working at home, our careers require lots of alone time. During this time Howard and I have had a chance to reflect even more on our future as artists. The world today is changing faster than we can comprehend. The internet continues to be the future for artists. This time gave us time to learn how to virtually teach online.

What is one of your favorite pieces in the collection from a fellow artist?

Peter Pettegrew’s “American Situation”. It captures the feelings of our fear and uncertainty with a sense of humor. Bravo Peter!

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