Timon Sloane

Timon Sloane

Known for luminous landscape paintings that glow as if lit from within, Timon’s journey to becoming a successful professional artist is as unique as his interpretation of the California coastline.

Timon had his hand in the formative development of the Internet. He was an early pioneer, starting companies and developing software that helped the Internet become what it is today. Then, after his involvement with over fifteen companies, Timon quit to pursue his passion for painting.

Pursuing fine art didn’t come out of the blue. Timon was not only raised in a community of internationally-known artists, but he painted as a child and studied fine art in college in tandem with getting his degree in computer science. At the age of 43, Timon made the bold move of switching careers wholesale so art could be elevated to a dominant role in his life.

Now with over 10 years as a professional artist, Timon has become recognized and known for his luminous landscape paintings. His paintings are exhibited worldwide through a dedicated following of collectors from the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim. He has been represented by a number of galleries and has been honored with awards, been featured in publications such as Plein Air Magazine and Heyday Books, and received invitations from prestigious national-level shows.

Timon’s current artistic goal is to continue to straddle the line between realistic luminosity and loose impressionistic mark-making, and hopes his creations help others notice the beauty of the natural world.

You can visit Timon's website to view more of his work here.

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