Sam Vokey

Sam Vokey

Sam has been a professional artist for over 25 years, has won many awards and been the cover artist of American Artist Magazine. He has had many successful solo and group shows and his paintings have been acquired by a museum and many corporations, institutions and important collections.

He has been making art of one kind or another most of his life. He started young in a village of 90 people in rural England where his mother always encouraged him and his siblings to draw and paint. Before long he was making clay sculptures and building a nativity scene for Christmas out of balsa wood and straw. He remembers that his mother was impressed. When the family uprooted and moved to the US in his early teens he was sent over early to attend a boarding school at the age of 14 and felt displaced and lonely at first. He found refuge in the art department where he connected with other kids and teachers through the love of art. Luckily, he was also a good athlete and made friends on his sports teams and art and sports have been with him all his life.

He majored in English Lit. in college but took an art class every semester and then, upon graduation and some time painting on his own, he won a four year scholarship to a European style atelier in Boston. This was where he learned to really draw and paint in the classical tradition and he has concentrated on landscape and still life painting ever since. He started winning awards at galleries in Boston and then was a cover artist for American Artist Magazine with an extensive article about his work. He and his wife eventually moved out of Boston and settled on the NH coast where they have been surfing and painting for years. He often paints the salt marshes from Gloucester to Portsmouth, as well as the harbors and beaches of New England. They make frequent trips to Cape Cod and to the White Mountains and into Maine to paint, ski, and hike.

His work is a visual celebration of nature and a testament to the awe and inspiration that he experiences in the natural world. He hopes that his paintings will connect you to that world in all her beauty and mystery and wonder.

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