Orit Reuben

Orit Reuben

Award-winning artist Orit Reuben is an impressionist landscape pastel painter. She started out painting the figure, but in recent years, she has focused on plein air landscape painting. Orit likes sunny day painting and is inspired by light effects. Her favorite locations include a combination of architecture and nature.


Born in Israel to a family of artists, Orit is greatly influenced by her grandfather, who was an impressionist painter. As a child, she painted at the side of her mother, who is also an artist. Orit immigrated to the United States in her teens with her family and settled in Minneapolis. There she attended the University of Minnesota and embarked on a full-time career as a licensed interior designer.


In 2009, after moving to Central Florida, a traffic ticket led Reuben back to the arts. She contested a speeding ticket and was allowed to perform volunteer work instead of paying the fine. She studied at Crealde School of Art in Winter Park, where volunteers receive classes in exchange for hours worked. There she advanced in her craft, getting an artist fellowship and later a studio artist position. She continues to grow her skills through workshops with masters and artists she admires. A resident of Orlando, she finds beautiful scenes throughout the region and regularly displays her work in galleries and shows.


Orit is represented by Artscapes. She belongs to The Florida Painters. She is a member of Pastel Society of America, Pastel Society of Central Florida, and a Member of Excellence of the Southeastern Pastel Society.

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