Michelle Held

Michelle Held

Michelle grew up in Maryland and knew early on, art was to be her life. She has been passionately working as an artist in Sarasota, FL for 23 years.  With an eye for detail, her creativity and imagination fueled her success as a business owner and artist. Michelle is often commissioned to paint custom paintings which are unique and personalized to the space to, the extreme challenge and importance of authentic historical restoration. Being an active participant in painting events that directly support the preservation of our disappearing landscape ignited Michelle’s passion for wildlife, which led her on a journey of painting from life. Michelle feels working outside and onsite is most essential in fulfilling her craving for representational paintings and staying close to nature. 

"I envision a painting, seeking great composition, light and value. Once comfortable with that, I enjoy letting the painting direct me, instead of imposing my will upon it." 

With an insatiable appetite for color, light, and texture, Michelle strives to inspire happiness, trigger your imagination, and make an emotional connection with the viewer. She believes evoking a feeling of light, space and passion is key to any successful contemporary painting. Michelle’s work includes a wide range, from still life and wildlife to landscapes and seascapes, but her most sought after creations are her iconic paintings of birds.

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