Michael Swanson

Michael Swanson

Michael's art career began late, urged on by friends & family he took a basic art course.

"I intended to learn how to mix paint and have some fun creating art as a hobby but a chance meeting landed me a job as an illustrator's assistant at an agency whose art director insisted I should seriously consider art as a career.

Looking back at it all I guess it was a wise suggestion because I have since thanked my lucky stars for a talent that allows me a lifestyle many would envy but I do feel a bit guilty at times when most people have real jobs I just mess around with brushes and paint; then I spot a sliver of sunlight hitting some distant spot and I just have to share it with someone."

Michael has been represented by prestigious galleries from California to France, a past member of the Society of Illustrators (Los Angeles), He has won his share of awards. From Winsor & Newton, the world premier art supply manufacturer, to International Artist Magazine features his work has seen a solid following.

"Realism is my choice of art and I find painting natural landscapes never gets tiring."

You can visit Michael's website to view more of his work here.

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