Matt Chinian

Matt Chinian

Matt Chinian (b.1961) is a prolific landscape painter, his work is done all on site, with oil paint on canvas. Matt’s ability to capture light and color is remarkable, his paintings are completed before light conditions change and almost always less than 2 hours. He will wander about Upstate New York by car and find scenes; urban streets, farm lands, gas stations or rivers, composing his own brand of social realism “I want to create a commentary without judgement, about the place I live, what I see and what I focus my attention on.”

Matt earned a degree in painting and sculpture at Bennington College and then an M.F.A. in sculpture and drawing at SUNY Albany. After his education, Matt spent 25 years earning a living as a carpenter in his adopted home of Cambridge, NY. He returned to painting, in 2010. “I could no longer just look at the landscape I lived in," he is now working as an artist full time.

You can visit Matt's website to view more of his work here.

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