Masplata is a Panamanian born, Miami Based visual artist that uses a variety of traditional mediums to tell his story. Although he showed promise as an artist in high school, he was not able to pursue his talents until later in life. It was the death of his mother in 2001 that left him with an unrelenting desire to create. He began with an old set of his son’s pastels. When his work began selling, he immersed himself in different mediums that took him to devote himself fulltime in the arts. 

The Art produced by Masplata is inspired by a world that most of us cannot see but take comfort in its existence. It is a spiritual world of divine entities that protect and balance the universe. The custodians of this world help Masplata bring the message of hope. His Birds provide refuge and relieve anxiety. His signature Dove brings peace. One of the first to appear in his work was the Wiseman, the sower of the seed. The Women bring life and light while the Angels maintain order and harmony. This world requires the viewers time and attention to slowly digest each hand drawn line and paint stroke.

In 2006, Masplata settled into an inspiring neighborhood of artists in The Wynwood Art District of Miami, Florida. This is where Mas met Purvis Young. Mas related to Purvis on multiple levels. Both had struggled in life and both lacked a formal art education. Mas admired Purvis for his artistic passion and his ability to create applauded works of art from found objects in his own neighborhood. This motivated Mas to use a variety of materials in his own work. 

Masplata began exhibiting his work in 2010. He was an Artist in Residence with Artopia from 2013 – 2015. His work has been showcased at The Palm Beach Art Festival, The Bayside Art Festival, Coral Gables Museum, Biggs National Museum and countless shows during Art Basel festivities. His art can be found hanging on the walls of many fellow Miamians including Flo-Rider, Gloria Estefan, Chayanne, Halle Berry, Luis Enrique, and John Secada only to name a few. 

Masplata paints and draws spontaneously with absolutely no fore-direction or planning. Those that have had the opportunity to watch him create are left in jaw dropping awe. His watercolors flow onto the canvas as if he is conducting a symphony. His ink drawings capture your attention and hold it until every intricate detail is consumed by the eye and embedded in the body. Mas believes that a good artist will use any available medium to bring the invisible to visible without intimation. 

You can visit Masplata's website to view more of his work here.

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