Marina Fernandez

Marina Fernandez

My artistic work is intimately tied to my life; from my origins in a rural town of Argentina, to my present life in Texas. My work is a reflection of my feelings and experiences gathered throughout an itinerant life that crosses cultures, languages, ​​and ideologies.

I have not forgotten my technical training as an engineer, my passion for mathematics, and for geometry. They are tied to my being and while I have tried many times to transcend, they resurface once again. My paintings result in a balance of structural lines, planes, and the ambiguity of transparencies. Simultaneously wild and contained to create a distorted vision of reality.

Resembling my life, my brushstrokes drift and flow through various dimensions as they invite the observer to participate in a dance with the canvas. My intention is for the viewer to experience the painting, exploring multiple planes and angles, guided by their intuition.

You can visit Marina's website to view more of her work here.

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