Lisa Price

Lisa Price

Lisa Price is a representational oil painter from Birmingham, Alabama. Her love of art began as a young girl and has continued throughout the years with an ever-increasing desire to express her passion on canvas. The true joy of painting comes from her heart and sustains her desire to create. Regardless of the subject matter and using a variety of techniques, she works to convey the beauty that can be found in the simplest form. Lisa believes God's extravagance surrounds us everyday and it’s up to the artist to express her emotional response to this beauty using paint and canvas. Her inspiration come from nature, light, shadow, simple forms, and the challenge of drawing each viewer into the painting to create a unique and emotional experience. Lisa is a Signature member of the National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society, an associate member of the Oil Painters of America, and a member of Alabama Plein Air Artists.

You can visit Lisa's website to view more of her work here.

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