Linda J Schroeter

Linda J Schroeter

Allegory and symbolism in the paintings of the Dutch artists of the 16th and 17th century both intrigue and inspire me. Their skillfully rendered masterpieces are able to hold the viewers attention, portraying exquisite beauty full of magical mystery and secret symbols. This is my intent, to create paintings that are meant to draw you in emotionally and challenge your intellect and together form an allegorical visual treat for the viewer to decipher making my paintings interact with both my intention and the viewers analysis.

My preferred technique is working from life in the traditional In-direct painting method used by painters throughout history such as Vermeer, of light manipulation through paint layers, pushing forms and elements to create the sense of three-dimensional space. I begin with under-painting the grisaille, followed by building the color layers, glazing and finally scumbling.

My goal is to be the best at my craft, to create powerful paintings that have meaning and will be noticed, and to pass on time honored techniques to others.

You can visit Linda's website to view more of her work here.

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