Kathleen Denis

Kathleen Denis

My passion for painting began with my first art lessons at four years old, but interestingly enough, most of my childhood was spent in a studio, but not front of a canvas, instead training to be a ballerina. My dream to dance professionally ended upon entering the 11th grade, when I stopped taking dance classes. While in college, I returned to my desire to be an artist and having graduated from University of Miami with a BFA in graphic design, I then began using my creativity within the commercial design industry.

My longing to paint intensified while visiting various art festivals in my community and soon began my journey into the fine art world as I eventually left the graphic design field to pursue painting. This new endeavor consisted of exhibiting originals and prints in outdoor art festivals, galleries throughout the country, and trade-shows in New York, Atlanta and California, eventually establishing Kathleen Denis Designs, managed by my husband Jeff. My art was soon discovered by a company that applies images to home décor and gift products, such as flags, floor mats and tote-bags. With that newfound recognition, a kitchen hard-goods company learned of my art and applied it to dishes and other kitchen accessories. Shortly thereafter, a major wallpaper company introduced a full book of my images to the industry, which began an unexpected and exciting career as a “Licensed Artist.” Becoming one of the leading artists in this field, my images were now selling on numerous home décor and gift products by manufacturing companies worldwide.

After many years as a successful licensed artist, a longing grew to use my art to minister hope to others and formed the non-profit organization, Door of Hope Outreach. At that time, I put my brushes down for some years while using my scripture based paintings to teach Bible studies in jails, youth detention centers and churches to women in need of hope and restoration.

Then the unexpected desire to paint returned, however, I decided this time to paint what inspires me instead of what companies require for the commercial industry. Now embracing the oil medium instead of watercolors, and incorporating a more painterly and impressionistic style, a renewed love and passion for painting leads me into this present inspiring chapter as an artist.

Intriguing light, expressive color and captivating views, best describe my approach to each scene captured on canvas. Appreciating and enjoying both, I presently paint “en plein air” as well as in my studio. My original works are exhibited through juried plein air events, galleries, exhibits, and my website. While having studied under noted instructors such as Kenn Backhaus, Camille Przewodek, Colin Page, Susan Sarback and Scott Christensen, I fervently impart my artistic knowledge to students through weekly classes and workshops.

I presently reside in Palm Beach Shores with my wonderful husband Jeff, and our two Yorkies, where I delight in capturing the intense colors of the tropics and the unique charming sites that someday may cease to exist. I treasure the gift given me and when I paint, I feel the presence of God in my life. “I have filled him with the Spirit of God…to make artistic designs.”— Exodus 31: 3-4

You can visit Kathleen's website to view more of her work here.

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