Ellen Dreibelbis

Ellen Dreibelbis

I am inspired by the inner world, the contemplative, the psychological, the spiritual. My inspiration tends toward the timeless and universal. I am not an artist of my time, but an artist of all times. I’m always scanning my world for the gesture, expression, pose or atmosphere which evokes a sense of ageless and enduring beauty.

My art is intertwined with my life, not as a literal narrative but obliquely, as something deeply felt but mirrored in metaphor and association. As I grow older I find there is a profound richness in all of life, the joy and the love but also the pain and the loss.

Though my work contains recognizable objects - people, animals, insects, flowers, etc., and, in some cases, quite realistically depicted, my desire is that everything in a painting contribute inextricably to the whole. This means that each element must be tested so that it works aesthetically as well as resonates emotionally or spiritually.

I am often deeply moved by the way the light illuminates an object, the power, the mystery! From that evocative beginning comes a journey, full of risk, uncertainty and restatement. I strive to build the aesthetic architecture combining composition, value, color, and edges which anchors the more intangible qualities that emerge in the process of painting.

I never know how a painting is going to turn out, each one has its own voice. I have learned to be still and listen to it, without imposing my own ideas of what I “think” it should be. It would be an act against nature to overwhelm this gentle voice. Instead I persevere, exploring themes, implications and deeply felt personal intuitions with many restatements till all that is left rings true.

You can visit Ellen's website to view more of her work here.

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