Debbie Shirley

Debbie Shirley

Peeling paint, fading bricks, weathered surfaces, rust - the effects of time - are what draws me to certain subjects. With a background in typography, I have always been fascinated by the use of lettering in signs. In my acrylic paintings, I combine this interest in signs with an appreciation for old buildings and nostalgic subject matter to capture the spirit and eclectic beauty of iconic roadside architecture and gritty city landscapes.

A burst of color, a touch of rust, a flash of neon - my paintings glorify and memorialize these pieces of wayside history that are quickly disappearing in this era of electronic signs and big box stores. These relics have their own stories - remnants of the past as well as connections to the community - and a rusty kind of charm that I like to reveal by accentuating their shapes, colors, and textures. My work allows me to honor a bit of our history in addition to the connections we share amidst the disconnect of today’s chaotic world.

You can visit Debbie's website to view more of her work here.

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