Chuck Middlekauff

Chuck Middlekauff

As a kid, playing cowboys and Indians, watching cartoons and my western heroes on TV and in Saturday matinees, and as a grown-up, taking numerous road trips across the American West with Rand-McNally and my wife Carol, I have been driven to paint cowboys, boots, Coke machines, pickups, billboards, signs, gas pumps, and almost everything American in between. These weathered and quickly vanishing icons have become the focus of my artistic journey. Pop art, classic country and rock and roll music, and my own eccentricities have further inspired me to juxtapose those images and develop fun concepts, puns, and twists. Using water media and sometimes collage, I apply vivid colors to create textures and shadows, topped off by images of my art tools (that usually roll around on my paintings while I work) and punctuated by colorful splatters, drips, and drops. I’m showing the old West and my America in a new light. Right now, I’m struggling some with getting in the mood to paint, but when I paint, I try to do it with loud classic rock-and-roll music in my studio and a smile on my face. And I hope to make others smile, too.

You can visit Chuck's website to view more of his work here.

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