Bela Fidel

Bela Fidel

Bela Fidel's first passion is creating. She is a mixed media artist working in Scottsdale, AZ. Bela’s body of work is informed by her experiences of having lived in three different countries and her exposure to their culture and outlook on life. This can be felt in the rich layering and texturing of her abstract work in oils, encaustics and mixed media.

Bela’s other passion is animals, both domestic and wild. Her love and compassion for all sentient creatures led her to create a series in oils, Endangered, Threatened and Exploited Species, with an aim to raise people’s awareness about the plight of these animals.

Bela has been showing her work for many decades at a variety of art venues, both in Los Angeles and in Arizona. Throughout the years she has been the recipient of prizes, commendations and media publicity.

You can visit Bela's website to view more of her work here.

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