Annette Giaco

Annette Giaco

Annette completed her Bachelors degree at Louisiana Tech with post-graduate study at LSU-New Orleans in Urban Demographics. She studied art in California, Louisiana and Rome, Italy. Professionally, her career was in newspaper publishing as Director of Print Quality for Gannett Company. Her publishing background included the use of graphics software like Photoshop, which she uses during the planning stages of her work. Annette’s inspiration is based on old photos: either her own or those collected from old bins in antique stores. These depictions of reality and the stories she associates with them inspire her to create her own narratives. Using distortion, arbitrary color, expressive brushwork, and/or backgrounds that encroach upon the edges of the figure she transforms each personality into a rich conveyance of personal expressionism.

You can visit Annette's website to view more of her work here.

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