Andrew Orr

Andrew Orr

Beginning his artistic endeavors at an early age, Andrew Orr received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Oklahoma Christian University, and furthered his studies with courses at the University of New Mexico, study with Carol McIlroy, David P. Curtis and Joseph McGurl. Orr’s work has shown in many locations in the United States, has won awards with National juried exhibitions and has been featured in several one-person exhibitions and displayed with national/regional exhibitions of the Oil Painters of America, the Salmagundi Club, the American Artist’s Professional League and the Guild of Boston Artists.

An elected member of the Guild of Boston Artists, Andrew Orr’s awards include Alden Bryan Prize awarded by the Guild and most recently the Alden Bryan Medal as awarded by artist TM Nicholas with the exhibition, Land and Light 2018, through Bryan Memorial Gallery, Vermont. Additional awards include the Barbara Carter Award for Excellence from the Oil Painters of America, he is three times the winner of the Arthur T Hill Award for a Landscape from the Salmagundi Club, the Claude Parsons Award for a Landscape and the Helen DeCozen Award for a floral, both from the American Artists Professional League. Orr’s painting entitled, “Peaceful Autumn” was the recipient of the Robert Douglas Hunter Award with the Guild of Boston Artists, New England Regional Painting Competition. An award winner with regional Plein Air events, Andrew received Best in Show with Plein Air Vermont, 2012 awarded by M. Stephen Doherty, editor, Plein Air Magazine. His work was selected as a finalist as part of Art Renewal Center’s International Salon and a feature story about his work appeared in the 2013 April-May Issue of Plein Air Magazine and in August, 2015, American Art Review.

You can visit Andrew's website to view more of his work here.

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