Marc Dalessio

Yellow Lupin in a Cork Oak Forest, 2020
Oil on Linen
80 x 100 cm
I am currently residing in Estremoz, Portugal. We were very much looking forward to painting the beautiful spring colors of the Alentejo while news of the virus was getting worse. We have a young friend in Italy who caught it early on and was hospitalized, so we were taking it very seriously. Still, while we were allowed out, we scouted for days in the countryside.

We found this field of yellow lupin in a cork forest about 20 minutes from our house and painted there for a week as the virus began to hit neighboring Spain very hard. When I was about halfway finished with the painting we were asked to work from home and the country began to lockdown. I finished the painting in the studio from photographs, and it worked out well. Both from the point of view of being able to travel mentally to this wonderful field while being stuck inside, and also technically, as the unfinished part of the painting was mostly the flowers. As I made the final touches to my creation, I soon realized that I preferred the pattern I invented in the studio as compared to the actual design in nature.