S. Gary Frisk

West Texas Pumpjack Access Road, February 2020
Oil on Linen Panel
12 x 24 x 2 in
My painting of the oilfields excursion in February seems like a long time ago. It was to be my last major plein air outing before the virus hit. All of my plein air events have been canceled or postponed.

During that week, I found this access road and took a break from painting the Pumpjacks. It was so peaceful and I was delighted with the vanishing power poles as well as the quiet serenity. While painting this on site, it was the only time during the trip that a company man drove up and suggested that I leave. He was extremely polite; we talked for a spell and he took some pictures of me.

Nevertheless, I was not able to finish it. So during the quarantine, I put it up and went through a period of just looking at it and reflecting upon the trip and what I was feeling staying in my studio. This painting is so calm, I remember standing there, painting in the silence, absorbing the beauty of this crisp cool February afternoon not knowing the events to come. Working on it in my studio was bittersweet, I am absolutely pleased with the result and icing on the cake; my wife likes it.