Eden Compton

Waiting For A Better Tomorrow, 2020
4 x 6 in
In the absence of live models and plein air references to work from during the quarantine, I turned to a lifelong interest in old black and white vintage photography to explore different subject matter and color compositions. I used old photos of distant relatives as well as the large body of WPA images from the 1930s which I have always found fascinating. These glimpses of life from another time immerse us in an earlier vision of America and make us think about our connection to the past and how much the people and events that came before have shaped our current world. I started using gouache for these sketches during quarantine because the medium is quick to dry and easy to use both at home and in the studio. I also love the matte finish of gouache which gives it a graphic, modern type feel and allows for an interesting interpretation of the old vintage photos.