Katharine Krieg

Time Capsule, 2020
Oil on Panel
11 x 14 in
My works of still life tend toward the more reflective, quiet side of me and this piece is no different. In troublesome times I prefer to concentrate on looking ahead and imagining what will be said after steering through the mess. So much of quarantine in 2020 has a "suspended in time" feeling - jobs, classrooms, calendars were left, in many cases, without much warning. As the quarantine continues, it allows for speculation on how this time will be seen and how it was spent. Finding a message in a bottle or discovering a time capsule seemed to fit with all this. Color and value were controlled to mimic the feel of an old photo. The unhatched nest, the car keys, the voting sticker, and turbulent sea in the bottle all are overseen by an old alarm clock and a patient indigo bunting, a springtime migratory bird. This unique time can be an experience where lessons are learned from experience, but intentions and actions are toward the future.