Richard T Brady

Tilling the Land, 2018
Oil on Panel
10 x 14 in
Sheltering in place, staying home, avoiding crowds, is not a terrible thing to me. I love working at home and occupying myself with the study of nature, finding beauty and connectedness. As such, my paintings have not changed during the quarantine. Each painting is challenging, requiring multiple layers of glazing. I delight in living with a painting as it develops, before considering it finished.

When I do go to town and see people, the social distancing and protective gear is a reminder that we are under threat. Knowing some people are dying nearby is very disturbing. I appreciate that these measures are as much about protecting others as they are about protecting ourselves.

The painting ‘Tilling the Land’ is a landscape with a freshly plowed field. It can be seen as an analogy to the process of reinventing oneself, preparing the ground for new life within ourselves and our society. The rising new moon suggests this practice is universal and far reaching.