Everett L Spruill

The Problems of Segregation and Discrimination, 2021
Mixed Media on Canvas
36 x 24 x 1.50 in
Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama during the 60's, I've always felt that I was a part of the "movement". As a visual artist, I've always felt it is an honor and a duty to use my platform to effect change. I hope it will expand and enrich that dialogue. The African American experience is much more than most people can imagine: images of pleasure and leisure, images of family, images of empowerment, images of hope and freedom. America has always portrayed Black people in a negative, stereotypical way. I hope that my work shows people a different view of what it means to be Black. "The Problems of Segregation and Discrimination" is filled with symbolism and metaphors. I use a wide range of recycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials to illustrate the resilience and diversity in African cultures. What was discarded as worthless is, and always was, a valuable resource...just like African people.