Susan Jositas

The Hatchery, September 2020
9 x 12 in
Rather than abandoning plans to teach a destination workshop on Nantucket Island during the pandemic, I was grateful that the technology was available via the Zoom platform to teach it online. Years of plein air painting on the island provided me with an abundance of photo references to use for a "virtual" plein air experience. The workshop titled "Painting with a Meditative Process" was taught over four sessions, each one "visiting" a different part of the island.

Anyone who knows and loves Nantucket will recognize this location. A former U.S. Coast Guard boathouse at Brant Point, it is now owned and operated by the town as a research facility to spawn and grow-out oysters, scallops and quahogs to release into the harbors and augment the wild shellfish population. Illuminated by the early morning sun, the simplicity and beauty of this structure is striking, surrounded by the softness and natural beauty of the landscape.