The Great American Paint In® Book
12 x 12 cm

“We are living history right now. I believe we need to do more to document this unique moment in America, and who better to convey what we all are feeling than our country’s greatest artists? It is my hope that in 50 years, art history classes will pull this book off the shelf and understand the deep emotion of this time.” — William Weinaug

Around the world, many individuals and families have faced isolation due to COVID-19. Our lives have been changed as we face a historical crisis of unprecedented scale. But beauty has also come from this hardship. The Great American Paint In® was birthed to allow artists to paint their emotions during the pandemic, capturing this period of history in a unique way — through art.

This book curates the products of the Paint In️®, revealing the responses of over 50 artists from across the continent. Artists share their experiences, their losses, and their hopes for the future. In doing so, they demonstrate the real grit and backbone of the American pandemic story. Like so many enduring these difficult times, they discovered a whole new world and a brand “new normal” that allows them to live, work, survive — and, most importantly, create.

These stories have been shared by Wekiva Island online, at Gallery CERO, and around the country in several traveling art exhibits. Now, for the first time, they are being brought together in a single volume.

Cover artwork by Mary Jane Volkmann. Released October 26th, 2022.

For a list of all featured artists, please see here: