Sandra Pearce

Sunrise in the Garden, June 2020
Watercolor on Paper
15 x 22 in
Most days I am up before the sun. If I wake up to full daylight, I feel like I have lost part of this beautiful day.

I love to go outside after a bit of coffee, or take it with me, and wander and enjoy the freshness, the birds chirping, the chipmunks darting about, and see what's new, growing, and blooming. Did my seeds germinate yet? Are the strawberries ripening? Are the peas and cucumbers climbing their trellises yet? Ahhh, smell those enchanting sweet peas...I'll take a bouquet for every room.

Beyond is the Adirondack chair, which I love to sit in but rarely do. Although it is perfect for small scale painting, which I sometimes do - nature studies or panoramic views.

This day was a cool early spring morning, with mist rising, gently lifted by the warm sun rays filtering through and climbing above the trees. I stand for long moments, taking it all in, appreciating the beauty and magnificence of nature, and being ever grateful that I get to live among it all.