Linda Blondheim

Storm and Sun
20 x 24 x 3 in
This Live Oak tree lives in Evinston, FL, my favorite painting location in Florida. It is on a day of sunlight in front of storm clouds. Evinston is in north Florida, and I’ve been painting there for many years. I’ve had the pleasure to paint on a private pristine old estate with native flora and fauna. And so the story goes that the oldest home in Evinston was built in the 1880’s when William Drayton Evins, a captain who served in the Confederate States Army, moved his family there from South Carolina to start a new life. Evins became the founder of Evinston, having surveyed the land when it was just Florida brush.

Oh, if this tree could talk! On this day, the sunlight streamed in front of the brewing storm clouds. It may have been telling us what was yet to come with the uncertainty and storm of the Pandemic.