Claire Taveras

Still Life with Fruit, 2020
Oil on Canvas
13 x 15 x 0.75 in
After completing my degree in art history back in 2017, I was drawn to classical art and the method of its production. This interest led me to a nearby atelier, where I began to take classes with a traditional, academic approach to art. I learned how light moves over form and how color was affected by it. The pandemic limited my access to objects I could use in still life, so I used fruit. It also limited my access to a studio, so I built a small shadow box to help light my fruit. The fruit allowed me to work with bright, warm colors and the shadow box facilitated a more consistent, natural light source that lit my still life from the top left. I had a lot of fun working with brighter colors than I'm used to and learning how to mix colors with different values, but similar chroma.

The frame for this painting was also handmade by me, as I strive to master the craft of creating a piece of art from the beginning to when it is hanging on the wall. The frame was inspired by Cassetta frames of the 16th century, and it features a subtle pastiglia design in each corner.