Timon Sloane

Slice of Sunset, 2019
24 x 12 x 1.50 in
"Slice of Sunset" is a piece from my “Broken Sky” collection, a series centered around capturing the essence of light while simplifying and deconstructing its surrounding landscape. I describe this work as a balance between abstraction and internal illumination. As an artist based in California, I am constantly inspired by the natural beauty of the western coast. My work seeks to highlight a luminosity in everyday scenery. Finding the charm in what may seem commonplace is especially important nowadays; quarantine has compelled me to look for enjoyment wherever possible, even in the most mundane parts of the everyday. While "Slice of Sunset" was painted in 2019, I feel it still highlights the necessity of finding the beauty in ordinary life. I hope this piece allows viewers to have a moment of quiet splendor in these uncertain times.