Stewart Jones

Returning Home
Watercolor on Archial Paper
12 x 16 in
I have been painting for many years, but never before during the challenges and isolation wrought by a global pandemic. I have tried to stay positive and not regret any lost possibilities. Instead, I used the time to work on my art and welcomed more opportunities to paint en plein air.

Before the pandemic, I worked out of my studio/gallery in Sanford, Florida, along with 12 other artists. When we had to close the studio, I painted at home, sometimes enjoying the compositions of the garden in my backyard. Once our studio doors reopened, we followed restrictions and kept six feet apart, and wore masks. As time went on, guests were allowed back into our gallery. I started my painting classes again, working with people who also longed to escape from their isolation.

I have explored new areas to paint and found new inspiration while thinking about family and friends I could not be with. My painting of ospreys in the nest reminded me of how life goes on despite everything that is happening in the world. The birds do what they need to survive as do we. I am grateful for the time I spent enjoying nature, learning about wildlife, and painting subjects that I have longed to portray.