Ohso Fabone

Resilience You Can't Imagine, 2020
Mixed Media
16 x 20 in
"Resilience You Can't Imagine" is part of my Law, Order, & Justice series. Resiliency is the ability to form successful adaptation of coping mechanisms in the face of trauma, obstacles, and adversity throughout our lives. Black people are no strangers to resilience and constantly find ourselves swimming against systematic currents of inequality. With a rise in police shootings of unarmed black men, women and children, it is important to recognize and discuss our country’s racial past and take steps toward future reconciliation. Unfortunately, Black people and their contributions are often overlooked, understated, stolen and in some cases erased. Risk factors such as poverty, lack of jobs, fear and expectation of violence, gender stereotypes, racist experiences just to name a few all make it possible for Black people to overcome adversity. "Denkyem" is the Adinkra West African symbol for the crocodile representing adaptability to those currents.