Holly Gordon

Remembrance of Travel Past, 2021
24 x 16 in
Following the death of my husband in 1996, I began traveling to remote regions and remembered a game I played with myself in elementary school—spinning the globe with eyes closed and putting my finger on a spot to see where it landed. Turning the globe upside down, Antarctica was spread out before me. I wanted to experience it all!

My camera is an integral part of me. It is an extension of my mind, heart, eye…a part of my past, present and future. It is the synthesis of my love affair with life. It became my life preserver to stay afloat positive during this COVID-19 pandemic. The actual world imploded, but my virtual world expanded exponentially.

My most recent travels took me through Holland and Belgium in April 2019 and those photographs are an endless source of inspiration. Technology is changing photography as we know it and my work is part of the change. I can traverse the infinite world cyber-space creativity...and created "Remembrance of Travels Past" specifically for this Great American Paint-In!

In 2014, social media led to a connection that would grow into the book, Parallel Perspectives: The Brush/Lens Collaboration by Holly Gordon and Ward Hooper. This book is a visual memoir that combines life, loss, serendipity and art…and proves that creative energy is a boundless force. It was launched in October 2020...smack dab in the middle of this pandemic and the virtual world has expanded our presence exponentially.

This collaboration led me to solidify a creative process I call Photo-Liminalism that was brewing and stewing intermittently for fifteen years.

Liminal describes a transitional period where the order of acceptability is in flux and a new order of acceptance has not yet been established. The invention of photography gave rise to Impressionism when it rocked the conventional world of painting in the 1860’s. Today technology is revolutionizing photography as we know it…and my work is part of the change. I aim to humanize technology and show that, contrary to auto button pushing so prevalent on social media today, it can be as sensitive and malleable a tool as a pencil or paintbrush.

Art is a wonder drug. It needs no prescription, can’t be overdosed and I heARTily recommend it to everyone!

I’ve always been hyper about being and doing and making a difference. Even today I had no idea I would submit to The Great American Paint-In…and here it is. Life is full of surprises!