Brenda Boylan

Reflections of the Past, March 2019
Oil on Linen
36 x 60 x 1.50 in
In the Coachella Valley of California, there sits an ancient oasis that has been percolating on the famed San Andreas fault-line. The fault forces underground spring waters up to the surface and sustains desert life upon the treacherous abyss. It is estimated that this beautiful oasis landmark has been pooling through 1,000 years or more. It is said the palms have lived through drought, disease, and now threatened by mankind. To reach this oasis I hiked through deep, hot sand with my painting gear and set up on-site to create a beautiful pastel study. As I created it, I contemplated how life has had to adapt, perish, or suffer on the earth. The pastel study was my inspiration for this large-scale masterpiece. It is more poignant to me now more than ever how our time on earth is so short. I also wonder how this stand of palm trees will carry on for another 1,000 years?