Sam Paonessa

Primavera, 2020
14 x 11 in
The following was written by my student, Irina Oliver who saw my painting and was inspired to write these fitting and powerful words: Spring 2020, Canada The Voices, Written by Irina Oliver Government speaks. Leave the workplace. Lock the schools. Close the borders. Go home. Stay home. Don’t go out. Everything will be different. You need to change. The line is climbing upwards. Who to blame. We will help you. Listen! Public Health beseeches. Shelter in place. Socially distance. Physically distance. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Remember the elderly. Remember the elderly. We are in this together. Help bend the curve. Take care of each other. Be kind to each other. Find joy within. Listen! Nature whispers. We have brought Spring. We have arrived from beneath the earth and from the south and from Above. Where are you? We are now as we were in the Beginning. We are always the Gift for you. Remember the First Garden in the First Week. Pristine. Shimmering. Joyful. Safe. Pink and orange. Blue and purple. Green and yellow. We gave so much. And then you arrived. You took too much. Where are you this Spring? We are now thriving, multiplying, healing, celebrating. One day you will return. It will be different. You must change. Remember the Covenant: protect; respect; love. Soon we will be back together again in the same home. We will welcome you and share all that you have missed. The dazzling colors; the glorious songs; the pure waters. You will find solace. Remember. Take care of us. Be kind to us. Listen. Hear our prayer. - Irina Oliver I also want to take this opportunity to share something very timely and powerful. I hope you will please listen to the Youtube presentation "Moments", created and performed by my daughter: Alessandra (stage name Alexa Ray) asked frontline workers across the globe to send images, selfies and videos of them at work. The response was wonderful and she created a thank you for these front liners in this video. I hope you will like it and share it.