John Caggiano

Over the Dunes, 2017
14 x 18 x 0.25 in
This painting has been featured in a PleinAir Magazine article about me. One of my motivations for painting this subject is its view of the sea. It is right there just over the dunes. Symbolic freedom. This element always attracts me. At a time such as this, its significance is magnified. How our lives have changed in so short a period of time. Of course, Mother Earth moves right along. She does not care whether we are here or not. In fact, she has used this time to heal herself from the countless injuries inflicted upon her. Hopefully, when this is all over, we will have a different attitude toward our environment. I am lucky to be an artist. I know that many are feeling isolated. However, an artist tends to lead a solitary existence. So, for me, it is a little easier to adjust to the “new normal." As much as I would like to be out of lockdown, I am happy to be painting. After all, it is my raison d’etre. Likewise, I continue to search for that freedom beyond the dunes.