Michelle Held

Morning Misty Ibis on Wekiva - SOLD
20 x 16 in
What just happened?? I found myself in a literal tailspin. I was returning from what is always an amazing painting trip with my closest friends in Wekiva, Florida. Being an artist who does not watch negative movies, TV or news, it was the most inspiring trip yet...friends, hugs, art—what could be better?

Fast forward to sitting at home glued to every negative dramatic bit of information as my daughter and son hold “essential” employment. My worst fear hit. It was the possibility that something would happen to my granddaughter and there would be no visitation to a hospital. As you can tell my intense imagination (that is usually on a canvas) went to a deep dark place. I was paralyzed!

Meanwhile the next four jobs were cancelled due to the stay at home orders. It was then I was forced to cancel my dream vacation, which was to finally travel overseas...darker and deeper I went. I finally confided in my best friend. Online it seemed everyone was being so lighthearted and dreaming of what they would read or eat that day. My fear was income...how will I survive. My friend, who knows me so well was compassionate and understanding and she cleverly challenged me to do a painting of a subject we had both photographed. I only had two days to complete the challenge (her rules). I took the bait. Can I say, I had never felt so happy. I turned the news off, music was on, and this is what came off of my brush. I cried over how emotional this breakthrough was! I can tell you, I have painted many since that day...take small doses of the news and will love this painting forever.