Greg Freeman

Morning Day Dreamer, 2015
Oil on Hickory Wood Panel
36 x 24 x 2 in
This painting entitled “Morning Day Dreamer” depicts a young woman who could be facing yet another day in lockdown. Perhaps she is dreaming about what life would have been like had the pandemic not occurred or she may be trying to decide what, if anything, will she do today while stuck at home.

I think the gravity of these days has given all of us the opportunity to evaluate ourselves and our lives. We realize there is a lot to be grateful for. Sometimes you don’t know what you have until you lose it. Our nation is blessed and by the time this is published, the crisis will be over. We will have gotten back to our “normal” lives. This artist believes we should learn from this not to take for granted all we have.

So, perhaps the young lady in the painting is thinking just that. Maybe she is meditating on how good it is to be alive. How good it is to have a home to be locked down in. So many are not as fortunate. Maybe, just maybe, she is teaching us something. Be content and grateful for what you have been blessed with: Friends, a home, a family or whatever. And above all I think she is saying to us never give up on your dreams.