Karen Meredith

24 x 30 in
It is an unusual time, for certain. During this pandemic, I have gone through phases of feeling anxious and sad, mainly for our less fortunate neighbors, our children and grandchildren, and all they are missing, plus our country and the world in general. Yet, as I have settled into a restricted lifestyle and unknown future, I have found it to be a time for quiet reflection and prioritization. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful setting surrounded by happy objects and spaces. This painting is a nod to my wonderful husband, who gave me the red roses…plus I love blue and white china, especially transfer-ware from England. Not only do I savor each item in my collection just as it is, but each also helps me to consider times in our human history when there were fewer comforts, shorter horizons, and likely a simpler life. The large pitcher might have been used to pour water from the owner’s well, or milk from her cow. The smaller pitcher may have held cream during tea time. The plate could have offered biscuits. The red ribbon not only serves to move the eye through the composition, but it can be a symbol showing that we are all on a journey right now. We know not where it will take us; however, we have the time to take notice of what is here and now, savoring what brings delight. I gave the painting the name, “Sonata”, because I enjoy listening to music when I create. Often my brush dances to the melody. Much of the time when working on this piece I was listening to Bach.