Addren Doss

Little King, June 2020
16 x 20 in
I have always loved and been fascinated by animals of all kinds, and these feelings are very evident in the series of cow paintings I have been working on for many years. This time of being confined to my home studio, or my art residency as I call it, has been a gift to me. It has enabled me to devote all my energy to painting what I love. During my art residency, I have made several additions to the series of paintings I call “Bodacious Bovines”. I am drawn to cows that show attitude when they see me coming with my camera. That attitude may be simple curiosity or a slight challenge from them. I often treat their paintings as portraits with them looking you right in the eye. This very young Brahma Bull has a sense of dignity about him as he quietly looks at you. The late afternoon light is glowing across his ears and creates a beautiful cast shadow pattern on his neck and upper chest. Some cows are so special to me that I create a number of paintings of them in different sizes and mediums. “Little King” is definitely one of those.