Kari Ganoung Ruiz

Keeper Of The Hedgerow SOLD, April 2020
Oil on Panel
24 x 12 x 1 in
During this time of terrible uncertainty, I’ve found myself struggling with indecision, sadness, frustration, and guilt. What should I be doing right now? Use this time to better yourself and get organized! Why aren't you in the studio? Overwhelmed and exhausted, I threw on a jacket and stepped outside. Our 7 acre meadow is surrounded by hedgerows; strips of brush and trees separating old farm fields. I had always looked at these wooded areas from the outside, never having stepped inside their shady midst.

A different world awaited me there; sheltered from the early spring wind and misty rain, I found an almost magical mix of textures, muted colors, earthy smells, and inspiration. As I ducked under branches and climbed over forgotten piles of field stones, slowly a calm took over. I was just looking and wandering and exploring; taking time to just BE.