Pamela Lussier

Island Garden, May 2020
6 x 12 in
I painted this in the tiny studio space I set up in my apartment for sheltering at home. I am missing flowers so much and Monhegan Island. I found painting this to be very uplifting. I hope the collector who buys this painting will feel the warmth and joy and also be uplifted.

I was looking forward to spring/summer 2020. I had made a full, but balanced schedule of plein air events, art shows and painting workshops for my husband plein air painter David Lussier and I. Our oldest daughter was getting married on Monhegan Island in June and our first grandchild would be born in Missouri in July. I was looking forward to meeting her and hoped to help take care of her for a few weeks.

Then in a heartbeat, everything changed! All our carefully laid plans postponed or canceled. The grandbaby will still be born of course, but when will I ever see her? I admit to being in a panic for a few days and feeling grief to miss those special life events. Then a picture began to form. Why don’t we form some online critique groups? We could include the people we work within the area and we could even invite our friends from other workshop locations. Thus, David Lussier’s Art Circle was formed. It has been such a blessing for us and for the people who are participating in it. The paintings people have been making are amazing and provides a great support system with a purp