Mikel Wintermantel

Interminable Isolation with a Glimmer of Hope - SOLD, April 2020
Oil on Panel
9 x 12 in
This is Aline. As a 20-year-old working on her Masters in Public Health at the University of Buffalo, my daughter’s perspective on the pandemic is well defined. Her job in health care has her seeing the effects of the quarantine firsthand. Her volunteer work at COVID-19 testing sites has helped put this health crisis into sharp focus.

It’s an emotional roller coaster for her as she is concerned about the spread of the virus, doing the right thing, being vigilant while lamenting being on lock down in the prime years of her life. Music is her escape, lucky for us as we are housebound with her beautiful voice soothing our worry.

In the last week of April, we had a late snowstorm. After several warm days, the trees had budded out, and the flowers were coming up. We all had spring fever. The snow and the cold pushed us further inside. It made the isolation starker. A constant reminder that home was warm and safe while outside was cold and harsh.

I painted this to show that paradox, cold and blue outside - safe and warm inside. The other paradox I sensed while painting this is when a parent is torn between protecting a child and setting them free. This pandemic has amplified those emotions.

Aline will graduate 100 years after her great-grandfather did with his M.D. from the same university. He also survived the pandemic of 1918.