Trish Coonrod

Heirloom Tomatoes, 2019
Oil on Canvas
20 x 20 in
Not Available
I grew these particular tomatoes in my garden last summer. When I first noticed them, something about their shapes and how they’re connected got my attention; I picked them still green and brought them to my studio. Over the next few days, as I was thinking about composing them, the larger one started to ripen quickly. This change in color brought to mind the idea of time, while their connection got me thinking about human connections.

To me, this painting hints at a potential family dynamic. The larger, more mature fruit holds up the younger one protecting it, and they are balanced there with care on a rough, but solid brick. This painting symbolizes the shutdown for me because I’ve been fortunate enough to spend these last three months with my family, and I believe that that time together will be a lasting memory for my husband, children, and me.