Michel Delgado

Growing with Confidence, 2020
Oil and Mixed Media on Panel
48 x 36 in
This painting was made at the beginning of the pandemic. At the time, I felt forced and unwilling with what my reality was about to face. I was consumed with thoughts about how best to adapt going forward. This unpredictable experience was vivid for me on every level: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. How will I embrace my new world, with all of my existence, and secure a deep confidence?

As I began working on the composition of this piece, the visual elements came through to me very strongly and clearly to guide me with what I needed to know: the attitude I have to carry moving through this new situation and beyond. All of it comes together - the wings, the building, the person, with a confident gesture of his hand - to keep this external force at a distance for a peaceful unfolding until we move to the next experience that this beautiful life and this world have to offer. I cannot be more grateful to be here. This meaningful painting came to me to make sense of this difficult time, staying strong and determined this will pass.