Martha G Ferguson

Greensleeves - Familiar Faces In Hard Times, April 2020
12 x 12 in
At first it was a distant concern. Sure we've seen this in years past. Hollywood has made films on such pandemics. But we are America - we are safe.

Early on, we watched China scramble to build hospitals in just days. But we are America - we are safe.

The news turned to Italy, where an artist on Facebook warned her friends in the US to be prepared. But we are America - we are safe - certainly we are prepared!

Then it hit the US. Now what?! Who do we listen to? Do we stay open or closed? Do we have proper protocols to deal with this? We don't know how long it will last. But we are America - are we safe?

Although my income has been affected by gallery closures and cancelled classes, I have not let worry set in. I've been through the loss of income due to job layoffs before. Panicking does not help and I learned the importance to stay positive and move forward. I look at this time to be creative and paint for myself. I've been taking advantage of online workshops to sharpen my skills as a painter and teacher. Artists are lucky in that way, where we can escape into our work.

This, as all things, will pass. Some will have a harder time than others. I think about the more vulnerable among us, who for whatever reasons live a simpler life on the streets. The gentle soul in my painting is a beloved local who plays Greensleeves on the flute and my inspiration for "Greensleeves - Familiar Faces in Hard Times."

Much gratitude to all the nurses, doctors, scientists and front line workers for your sacrifice battling this pandemic.